Will trucking companies hire older drivers

Nowadays, a growing number of people are retiring with little or no money. Many of these seniors discover that they require more money than the state pension provides to cover their expenses after retiring. As a result, a large number of retirees have either started new careers after leaving the workforce or have returned to the workforce after bidding goodbye to their old one. This issue is the result of a combination of factors, including rising health care expenses and rising cost of living. There are truck driving jobs available for older drivers.

If you’re 50 or older and seeking truck driver training, you’re not alone. Consider your age as experience as the trucking sector does not have a maximum age limit, but does require a minimum age requirement of 18 (and 21 to drive)

There is a critical lack of truck drivers in America. According to one study, 48,000 truckers are required to transport 70% of the country’s goods.

When do the majority of truck drivers retire?

Nowadays, truck drivers retire at an average age of 62.

Retirement candidates are being sought by businesses. Around 10% of transport vehicle operators in the US are drivers older than 65. The impact of the rise of senior drivers on the possibility of danger on the country’s highways is the subject of a five-month CBS News investigation.

Drivers are still working well after the age of 65. Yet, the laws regulating the roadways have not changed along with the sector, which begs the question of whether more commercial driver screening is necessary?

Can the seniors help? Over-50 years old new truckers could help with the driver deficit.

Below you can see why you should consider a truck driving job if you are over 50.

You Can Handle Difficult Situations Better

You’ve seen more because you’ve lived life longer. You won’t find many surprises on the roads. Younger drivers, on the other hand, are more likely to become agitated when something unexpected occurs while driving. For instance, if the weather changes and the road get slick, or if there are major mechanical problems. Additionally, you are less prone to lose your temper when other drivers disrespect your space.

There is No Age Limitation

In contrast to many industries, trucking doesn’t have a stated or recommended age limit. Any person, regardless of age, who can safely operate a truck is qualified to become a truck driver. Your reflexes and vision are therefore suitable for the task. Apart from that, there is no set age limit for this job, making it a perfect option for anyone older than 50.

Gives you a means of exploring the region

 One of your retirement goals was to travel the region and take in all its natural beauty. Unfortunately, traveling may be rather expensive. You can travel the country while being paid to do so if you work as a truck driver. It’s true that you’ll have to plan your holidays around your travels to visit specific tourist attractions or places, but it’s still a terrific option to keep your job and travel around America at the same time. Some people compare trucking to travel a long distance in an RV, except instead of spending money, you also earn money.

Working Together is possible

The trucking business can be a solitary one, which is one of its drawbacks. But, a lot of couples in their 50s and older are deciding to start a new career as tandem or team truck drivers. This is a fantastic strategy to keep the goods moving and avoid having to pause for lengthy rest periods, which will result in quicker delivery dates. Additionally, retired couples can enjoy spending a significant amount of time together and traveling with each other while earning some extra cash. This has one limitation—couples who don’t get along. Remember that you don’t want your spouse to be your team driver if you irritate them.


Careers in Truck Driving for Over-50s Bring You a New Beginning

Speaking of adventure, others regard their post-retirement employment as a special opportunity to find a fun career, a dramatic departure from their prior career, or to start again at this point in their lives. You may have before worked in an office, in front of a laptop, in a physician’s office, or some other setting with strict rules and minimal to no freedom. You can start over, break out of a cycle, you may be in, and enjoy some fun if you decide to become a truck driver. It could be considered a daring move.

Offers a Substitute for a Very Physically Demanding

Truck driving involves significant physical work, so you must be in at least adequate physical shape to do it. It is not, yet, as taxing as any other employment options, such as taxing, labor-intensive jobs in factories or construction sites. Driving a truck can be a suitable choice if your body is beginning to deteriorate and makes your current job challenging.

Gives you much-needed perks

One of the biggest losses you may experience when leaving a well-established career is losing your benefits. Losing paid vacation and sick leave, life insurance, health insurance, and paid vacation can be devastating. This is particularly valid if you or members of your family have pressing medical needs. , even after leaving your long-term work, becoming a truck driver gives you these much-needed benefits.

It’s Quite Profitable, Particularly For Empty Nesters

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics said in a Forbes article that the average hourly income for semi truck drivers in 2016 was about $20 hourly, or $41,340 per year. As a result, this side job you take on when your profession is over may be lucrative. This is particularly true if your children have grown up and you are only taking care of your partner and yourself. Living a good, fulfilling life is possible with a career in trucking.

Anyone could handle it

Drivers from different backgrounds have been accepted by the trucking industry. There have been former airline pilots or people who have lived confined to offices. If a person is prepared to undergo the training and licensing requirements to master the trade, they can become a truck driver.

It has a great potential

By 2025, it is estimated that the trucking sector will need an amazing 890,000 more drivers to keep up with demand. This shows a favorable perspective for the career path, demonstrating that you will not be concerned about completing the program without finding employment. You’ll have a job to do. You can be confident of that.

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