Which trucking company pays the most for team drivers?

Team driving is big for truckers. There are many benefits of driving a truck as a team. Not only are you and your colleague able to get more miles together, but you also solve one of the biggest problems for truck drivers – loneliness. When driving with a partner, truckers are able to share their thoughts with someone, keep themselves occupied, so that their time passes quicker. Also, your partner will help you keep your focus while on the road, and take your place when you get tired. 

Team drivers are able to cross much more miles together, which can double their income in some cases. But every team that wants to have some serious results needs a good employer. That’s a company that creates a good environment for them and provides them with quality benefits to make every route enjoyable and profitable. 

Let’s single out the trucking companies that are the most attractive for team drivers. These companies have offers that surpass the competition. They also provide the best additional benefits, and make teams feel at home.


GP Transco is an Illinois based company. They offer great pay with one of the biggest fees for team drivers in the country. Also, their drivers get a great package of benefits: health, vision, dental, and life insurance. They are known as a company that treats their drivers well and they always create an honest relationship with their employees. 

The base pay for team drivers at GP TRANSCO is 75 cents per mile, by the latest updates and they pay all miles equally. However, pay raises are available every 6 months.

NT Solutions

Another Illinois-based company that offers a wide range of options. NT Solutions employ solo drivers, team drivers, and owner operators who can drive their Dry Vans across the U.S.A. and Canada. They pay empty and loaded miles, offer medical insurance, have dedicated lanes, and their pay for team drivers goes up to 90 cents per mile.

NT Solutions is a well organized company that treats their drivers fairly. They deliver on time, track freight, and guarantee success. Every team would be very satisfied with driving for NT Solutions.

Western Distribution Transportation Corp

This privately held, medium-sized business uses some of the most attractive fleet vehicles. They accept team drivers for long/short hauls in all 48 states. They transport dry and/or refrigerated cargo. WDTC is an experienced transport company located in Denver, Colorado.

As a team, your colleague and you are going to have a big variety of choices when it comes to cargo, destinations, and equipment for your routes. There’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to team driving for Western Distribution Transportation Corp.

RTM – Reliable Transportation Management

This company operates from New Jersey, and pays great fees to Team Drivers for both empty and loaded miles. They offer 80 cents per mile for no-touch freight and options for dedicated lanes. Also, at RTM, there’s enough action to keep both you and your team mate occupied. 

Solo drivers get up to 3500 miles weekly, so teams can expect busy weeks constantly. You’ll also be driving trucks in good shape with all the equipment that you need. The management is pleasant to work with and they always strive to form respectful and honest relationships with their drivers. 

Therefore, from their offer to their overall approach, this company checks all the necessary boxes for a happy cooperation. RTM is a fine choice for any team looking to find steady employment and a good deal. 

Semi Transport

Semi Transport is a company based in Illinois that offers steady pay, good miles, appealing bonuses, and trucks in good condition. Teams are paid 70 cents per mile and the company completes their offer with additional referral and safety bonuses, as well as annual pay raises.

Furthermore, Semi offers good miles. With solo drivers getting up to 3200 miles every week, there’s plenty of hauls for teams out there that sign-up with this company. They paid empty and loaded miles the same, and they offer trucks made in 2017 or younger. Their Kenworths T680, Freightliner Cascadias, and Volvos 670/780 are all equipped with APUs, Inverters, Mini Fridges, TVs, and Microwaves.

Therefore, teams driving for Semi Transport are up for a comfortable ride and a good time. The company is kind to their drivers and has a good dispatch organization. With the extra miles that teams easily put behind them, Semi Transport can turn out to be a very profitable company for truckers that ride in pairs.


Team drivers across America can look forward to good offers from companies of various sizes. From large enterprises to medium and small family companies, you and your partner can find whatever you need and have a good relationship with the management as well as satisfying fees. Always remember that more money doesn’t always mean a better job, because decent working conditions, trucks in solid state, and dispatch that looks after your needs are a priceless commodity.

Therefore, apart from looking for the highest numbers, you and your partner should always look for employers that treat you with honesty and respect. Luckily, there are companies that do that and some of them are on this list. 

With a decent pay, steady lanes, and management that strives to make a good arrangement for all sides, you are set to have a great year with your trucking partner. Good luck!

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