Which Trucking Company Is the Best to Work For? (2022 FULL LIST)

Maybe you’re starting your trucking career or you’re trying to make a change and find a new company. In either case, you could be wondering what is the best place to make a fresh start. Finding the right place to drive isn’t easy. Many factors are involved.

Of course, fees are the most important factor. But it’s not the only one. If you want a quality working experience, you want dispatch to respect you. You want management that offers support to the driver and doesn’t instantly blame them if something goes wrong.

You want an organization that will work with you to create a proper schedule. That way you’ll spend enough time at home and rest well. These companies aren’t the easiest to find, but they do exist.

These 5 companies will be a good place for drivers looking to find decent fees and good working conditions.

H.O. Wolding, Inc.

Wolding is a privately held dry freight carrier with headquarters in Amherst, Wisconsin. One of the most important indicators of good working conditions in a company is the low driver turnover rate.

Wolding has a low turnover rate. That means they are a carrier with good management who values its drivers. Driver testimonials on online forums show that drivers are satisfied with this company.

Mercer Transportation

Mercer is one of the companies that pay the most. Their owner-operators make up to $150.000 annually. Company drivers can expect annual salaries of around $83,740. But that’s not all.

The benefits that Mercer offers to their drivers are astonishing. Some of these include paid holidays, family medical and military leave, and life and disability insurance. Also, drivers who become parents can ask for maternity and paternity leave.

Drivers looking for a place that offers the full package can’t overlook what Mercer Transportation has to offer.


Any conversation about good companies for truckers can’t go without Wal-Mart. For good reason. The company offers an average salary of nearly $90.000 for company drivers. Walmart’s working conditions are also great.

The company offers a variety of schedules with consecutive days of work and no split days at home. That’s very important because many drivers don’t want to get one day at a time before returning to work.

Apart from that, Walmart drivers get insurance, vacation, and retirement benefits, as well as Walmart discounts.

Pride Transport Inc

This Salt Lake City, Utah-based reefer company is small but it offers some great perks.

They use top-notch machines, pay up to .75 cents per mile for solo drivers, and offer a great package of benefits. They include mileage bonuses, empty and loaded miles paid, and fuel bonuses.

Also, Pride holds its reputation for treating its drivers “like family.”


This company is special for its specific working conditions that many drivers will appreciate. They provide local routes, letting drivers return daily to their loved ones at home. To some drivers with families, this benefit is a complete game changer. Some of them would turn down higher fees for a chance to drive local routes.

But, their fees aren’t low at all. Sysco drivers make up to $31 per hour. Hourly payment can be very beneficial to the drivers.

For their employees, Sysco offers stock discounts, paid time off, and retirement programs. Additionally, Sysco is very attentive to their teams of truck drivers and consistently works to raise their productivity and morale.

Wrap Up

Your choice of a perfect company should be a smart mix of high fees and good conditions. Bonuses and benefits, and the company’s driver policy are important factors to look at.

If the workplace isn’t understanding and supportive, high fees won’t do you much good. On the other hand, if the fees are small, your morale will quickly shrink.

The trick is to find a balance between the two and work for a company that pays decent fees and communicates with its employees. The companies on this list are certified by drivers through many testimonials.

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