Which Trucking Companies Allow Pets?

Trucking is often a lonely occupation. Drivers spend days and nights alone on the road. That’s one of the biggest challenges for truckers. Not only is being alone emotionally challenging and tiring for the mind, but it’s also very hard to stay awake while driving alone in the cabin.

Almost one-third of truck drivers admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel of a moving truck on some occasion. That’s a high risk for all participants in traffic. However, experience has shown that drivers tend to stay more focused if they have company. That’s the reason why companies want team drivers. They show more resilience and the ability to keep going for long periods of time.

If you are a solo driver, a teammate is not an option. You have to run on your own and use your hardiness to get those miles on a weekly basis. That’s not easy. Sometimes, solo drivers have to push themselves too hard to get enough miles. Help would certainly come in handy.

Even if you don’t have a teammate for trucking, you can still keep a companion by your side while driving. Bring your pet along.

Why is having a pet good for truckers?

Taking a pet with you will certainly make the road feel less lonely. Apart from that, you’ll also have a living creature next to you – to keep you occupied, focused, and awake.

Truckers that travel with their pets have already stated their mind. Driving with a pet satisfies their need for interaction and companionship. Traveling with pets means benefits for drivers’ health, less stress, and more structure.

Pets need regular walks and going potty, and they keep a regular life schedule. That helps drivers wake up and go to sleep at regular intervals. That’s very helpful if you want to create a healthy sleeping schedule, something that’s a big trouble for many truckers.

The benefits of truck driving with a pet don’t end there. Walking your pet every day during routes helps truckers get some much-needed physical activity. Some studies show that truckers who have pets walk 30 minutes longer than drivers who are alone. On a daily basis, that presents a healthy dose of physical activity.

Find a company that accepts drivers with pets

In order to drive with a pet and enjoy your trucking life, you need to find a company that accepts pets. There’s a long list of companies that accept pets. But these companies also need to provide good benefits and decent pay. Driving with a pet won’t do it if the company is bad.

That’s why this list contains good companies with steady pay that respect their drivers. But, they also allow them to bring pets along. Here are the companies that offer options to bring pets, that also provide good benefits for truckers:

Planet Group Inc.

Planet Group is a company that offers great conditions for company drivers. They pay up to 70 cents per mile for drop & hook freight. All miles are treated the same and the company offers different kinds of bonuses. With hometime flexibility, no forced dispatch, and good support, this company becomes a good choice for drivers.

All of that is completed with their pet-friendly policy. You can bring your pet to your routes and make your time on the road less lonely. Walk with them, put your sleeping schedule in order, and enjoy every ride.

That’s what our furry friends are there for.

Semi Transport Inc.

Semi’s drivers have a lot to be happy about. They get steady routes and drive for up to 70 cents per mile. The company compensates both empty and loaded miles driven. They also offer great additional bonuses.

Drivers can expect 2500 miles every week, annual pay raises, and trucks that are in great condition and fully equipped. Of course, the pet policy makes everything even better.

Driving for Semi Transport Inc. means that you can bring your favorite animal on the road every time.

Unique Transport

Unique’s drivers can opt to drive either their reefer trailers or flatbeds. Reefer drivers can earn 75 cents per mile while driving a flatbed will earn you 85 cents per mile. The offer looks even better once we include the fact that all miles are paid the same.

Bonuses, fuel cards, and cash advances make Unique Transport an enjoyable place to work at. However, not even the high quality 24/7 dispatch support that they offer wouldn’t make you feel good if pets weren’t available.

Fortunately, they are. Unique’s drivers can bring their pets inside their trucks and take them along for a shared adventure. Making a good living while spending time with your furry best friend is a dream come true for any driver.

Force Transportation

This company is a great place for drivers. Solo drivers can expect to see 70 cents per mile fees while teams can look forward to 85 cents per mile. Not bad at all.

The company keeps its drivers busy, and it’s all converted into a steady income. Every driver gets an instant $3000 sign-on bonus before starting to drive their Midwest, East, Southeast, and Nebraska lanes.

But, before you enter a Force Transportation truck (some of which are 2022 machines in mint condition), you can also bring your pet inside. That way, each of the 3000 miles you cross every week (on average) will be a total pleasure.

J.S. Helwig & Sons

Many other companies allow pets with some restrictions on weight and breed of the animal, or even demand weekly fees for keeping a pet. That’s not the case with J.S. Helwig & Sons. All the pets are completely welcome in their trucks and at their terminals. 

Apart from that, the company offers fair conditions. Company drivers start at 55 cents per mile on 2800+ miles every week. With annual raises, drivers get up to 65 cents per mile with different bonuses. They also get trucks that are only 3 years old or younger. Their machines are fully equipped.

So, if you’re looking for a company that will allow you to bring pets along while providing decent fees and benefits, this is another place to look at.


Every trucker out there experiences loneliness and the negative effects on health that come with the job. Bringing your pet along will help you overcome those challenges while simultaneously making your every ride something to look forward to.

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