What social media do truckers

 What Social Media do Truckers Use?

Social media has become a meeting place for the world. Every area of our life has its representation there. Our productivity, interests, personalities, hobbies… All of that information now exists and flows through social media. Is trucking any different? Are truckers on social media and if so, which social media do they use?

Trucking is the second biggest industry in the United States right now with millions of employees. It’s worth over 80 billion dollars right now. So, trucking is a world on its own and it exists on social media in its own right. There’s a plethora of information that truckers are interested in that are easily accessible on social media. 

It would be wrong to assume that truckers only talk and think about their big machines that transport cargo across the U.S. roads. Far from it. Trucking is a particular lifestyle that has its specific culture. But what’s that culture like? And what are truckers mostly interested in?

What are the truckers’ interests on social media

First of all, truckers use social media to look for work. Trucking is a specific life that means you always have to be on the lookout for new and better opportunities. And social media is a quick and user-friendly way to find new companies and get information about their offers. 

This new trend of job searching on social media isn’t fully recognized by trucking companies. Therefore, the companies that opt to use social media to find new drivers stand to gain a lot. Creating a recognizable brand on social media that will represent your company’s goals, values, and offers will lead to a totally different approach by drivers. Your offers and job descriptions will be presented to the drivers with creative designs and appealing content. 

That kind of content is more attractive for drivers and they are more likely to spot your offer. 

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