Used semi truck for sale Chicago (detailed list + prices)

Did you know that in the past 9 months, used semi-truck sale has increased by 4%, compared to the same period of the last year? And this year’s demand rises are a continuation of the COVID-19-induced need for trucks.

The market for used semi trucks in Chicago is big. But, the success of your trade depends on your knowledge of the machinery. If you figure out which truck in your price range is good for you, your business is ready to thrive.

Freightliner Cascadia ($45.000 – $120.000)

The Cascadia could be the most commonly seen semi-truck on the road nowadays. And there’s a reason for that. Many reviews point out that Cascadia offers quality ten times higher than its price. Depending on the year and mileage, you can get this machine from around 50 thousand dollars, up to 120 thousand.

Kenworth T680 ($55.000 – $125.000)

Kenworths are a synonym of coziness, and the T680 line has improved on that even more. It’s a staple option for many truckers. That’s why it’s a standard item in every dealership inventory. You could find 2016 models for around 55 grand, if you negotiate well enough, while younger Kenworths go for up to 120 thousand.

Peterbilt 579 ($70.000 – $110.000)

What’s the main reason for this giant’s appeal? That would be its dependability, strong build with durable materials, and intelligent designs. Peterbilt trucks also have a vast network of dealerships and strong customer service. And the 579 is the truckers’ favorite. You could find pieces with around 600 thousand miles behind them for about 70 thousand. Trucks with mileage below 450 thousand miles are a bit more expensive. They can be bought for about 110 to 120 thousand.Volvo ($90.000 – $140.000)

Volvo ($90.000 – $140.000)

Volvo semi-trucks are known to be dependable, reliable, comfortable, and often luxurious. That’s why the price is somewhat higher, but the quality more than makes up for it. The Volvo is the perfect choice for truckers seeking some style and convenience while they travel. The VNL64T670 is a cheaper option for about 90 thousand (or maybe less if you can negotiate a better deal). The younger VNL64T860 is more expensive but brings the full glow of the Volvo.

How you can buy a used semi-truck through Facebook and Instagram

The entire world of sales now exists on Social Media. That’s where you’ll find free information, faster than anywhere else. Wandering through platforms like Craigslist is a dead practice. Your Social Media is much more automated than any platform you may search through. This amazing technology can assess exactly which services you are looking for, and connect you to the dealership of your dream.

Facebook ads will inform you of all the good deals that you want, for new trucks and trailers. That’s why every company that has moved its advertisement to a digital platform has increased its sales immensely. Our trusted client Impel Union is a truck dealership. They have improved their sales and increased leads by using Social Media advertisements.

Instead of running their own ads, wasting money and a lot of time, they focused on getting quality buyers through Social Media campaigns. Since changing their method of advertising sales, they cut costs on ad leads by about 60-65% and increased their sales by 30-35%.

They moved hundreds of trucks and quality trailers through Facebook ads and Instagram. You could join this successful system of selling and acquiring new trucks. You could upscale your business quicker than you ever imagined.

Upscale Your Truck Business In a Few Months

We at Elysium understand that the digital world can change your life in the blink of an eye. So if you are looking to upscale your trucking business, from driver to owner operator, or from owner operator to company owner. Contact us, and take the first step towards a brighter future.

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