Trucking With Your Dog (FULL MANUAL)

Truckers are increasingly choosing to bring their dogs along on their routes. According to data, 56% of professional truck drivers frequently take their dogs on the road. However, in order to have a complete experience with your dog on the road, you’ll need to cover a few steps.

This manual contains the accessories that will help your everyday life on the road with your dog. We’ve created tips to properly choose and maintain your furry companion on the road. 

Best dog breed for truck drivers

If you’re just thinking about getting a dog as a companion, your choice of breed can make a lot of difference down the road. Choosing the breed that likes staying inside the cabin and doesn’t require special maintenance will make your routes easier.

These dog breeds are the most recommended for truckers.

Miniature Pinscher

This dog is small but fiercely loyal. It will fit in your cabin easily and always stay at your side. 

They are protective and will alert you of any potential threat. After getting to know them, they usually become friendly with other pets and strangers.

These dogs are a perfect choice for truckers because of their size, lack of shedding, and trainability.

Miniature Schnauzer

As one of the most intelligent breeds in the world, these dogs are easy to train and adapt to a life with a trucker. This breed is usually quiet and calm.

It’s going to do just fine lying still in the next seat during rides. Miniature Schnauzers are easy to maintain and are a perfect fit for cabin spaces.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever is a larger dog, but it still belongs on this list. They are a perfect companion for truckers because of their mellow nature, loyalty, and trainability.

Even though they are bigger in size, these dogs just love spending time with their owners. Make sure you give them some activity whenever you make a stop. They will return with the favor with love and loyalty.

Useful accessories for a dog in a semi-truck

Every trucker that travels with a pet knows how much good accessories can help make things easier. With these handy tools, you’ll feel all the benefits of driving with pets.

Dog bed for semi-trucks

A dog bed will help your dog get comfortable in the bunk space. This is a good safe space for your pet, and it gives it a comfortable bedding. Avoid dog beds that occupy a lot of room, but make sure they aren’t too small either. Even without the dog, your space is already tight.

24-inch-wide dog beds are the ideal measure for semi-truck cabins.

Spare key

Having a spare key is extremely important. Your pet could be left locked inside the vehicle if you forgot your main key in the cabin. 

If your dog is left trapped inside the cabin, that can be a very traumatic experience. Make sure you always carry a spare key with you.

Retractable leash

Retractable leashes can be used to keep your dog at your side when you’re making a stop. You don’t want your pet wandering around at gas stations and hotels that are next to the highway.

Some dogs that are too energetic tend to jump at the driver during rides. Others storm out of the truck when the door is opened. This is extremely unsafe, and the animal could end up getting seriously hurt.

Use the leash to limit your dog’s movement inside the truck. Use leashes that don’t tie around the dog’s neck so that it doesn’t choke itself. Instead, use a harness lead.

Seat covers

If your dog likes to chew excessively, the covers will help save your seats. Many drivers have to pay for the damages that the dog has caused to the truck’s interior. 

Avoid that by using good quality seat covers. Also, pair that with your dog’s favorite chew toy so that it can focus on that instead of the truck inventory.

Provide your dog with enough exercise and activity so that it doesn’t get bored. Active life and lack of boredom lower the chances of your dog becoming destructive.

Spill proof water and food bowl

Your dog is going to eat and drink inside the cabin. Use safe bowls for their food and drink so that they don’t make a mess inside your truck.

If there’s no spilling, you won’t have a mess inside your cabin. But it’s also safer as spilled water is a potential safety risk if there are electrical devices inside.


If you want to start trucking with a dog, some preparation would do you good. Smaller breeds and house dogs are always a better choice. They shed less, need less activity, and are fine to spend their time inside the cabin.

Labrador retrievers are large dogs with just the right personality for truckers. Elderly dogs who’ve seen their fair share of running and playing will also appreciate time with you inside your truck.

If you already have a dog, using these accessories will make your life on the road a lot easier. Have a good ride with your furry best friend!

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