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We help trucking business owners and managers with 30+ trucks get a steady stream of qualified truck drivers

without having to rely on recruiting agencies, Craigslist, Tenstreet, or others...

Samir Burdzovic
Founder of Elysium Enterprise (A.K.A. Shine Truck Leads)

Our secret lead generation system will help you get more owner-operators, company drivers, OTR, regional and local truck drivers as a trucking business owner or manager.

With our system, you will consistently get more truck drivers on demand so that you can focus on growing your trucking business.

Our Goal​

Seat Your Empty Trucks And Help You Grow Your Trucking Business!


  • Trucking business owners with 30+ trucks in their fleet

  • Fleet managers with 30+ trucks in their fleet

  • Recruiting managers with 30+ trucks in their fleet

In the last year, we’ve helped 87+ trucking business owners and managers get an average of 5-7 qualified drivers per month. So, in total, we have helped fill more than 5476 empty trucks and trailers just in the last year!


  • Establish a proven system that constantly gets you more truck drivers.

  • Stop wasting time on Indeed, Craigslist, Tenstreet, recruiting agencies, and others.

  • Create a brand around your trucking business to help you grow in all aspects of your business.

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About Samir Burdzovic

Our founder and owner Samir Burdzovic with his first truck 'Bellagio' back in 2016.

Samir Burdzovic started his first trucking business back in 2016 as an owner-operator. In just 3 years, he visited all 48 connected US states and has bought multiple trucks along the way.

In 2019, Samir saw a huge problem in the trucking industry. He couldn’t find qualified truck drivers to expand his truck fleet! He was spending hours per day on Indeed, Craiglist, Tenstreet, and others with no success.
So, he decided to make a change. The same year, he sold all of his trucks and developed a social media marketing strategy to get qualified truck drivers on demand.
…And it worked!
He first started helping his trucking business owner friends get more truck drivers…
And then, as things grew, Samir also started helping bigger companies get more truck drivers as well.
Today, after working with 87+ trucking businesses, Samir has helped fill more than 5476 empty trucks and trailers just in the last year!

How does the application-process look like?

1. You apply for the free consultation call.

In the first step you have to go to our short application form. By filling it out you are giving us some more information about your current situation and how we can best help you achieve your goals.

2. You schedule a 10 minute discovery call.

In the second step you will be forwarded to a calendar link where you can book a 10-minute call. We'll ask you some questions about the things that you want to accomplish and what obstacles are keeping you from achieving your goals.

3. We coordinate an appointment together.

In the last step we will coordinate an appointment together were we both have 45-60 minutes for the free consultation call. In our call we will create an individual step by step plan for your trucking business.

Client Results

"...We started with 13 - 16 trucks and we are now at almost 50!..."​
Danny from Mad Duck Inc.​
Problem: Danny couldn't fill his empty trucks because he didn't know how to get qualified truck drivers.
Solution: With our social media marketing strategies, we helped Mad Duck Inc. get more truck drivers than they can physically hire.
Result: Danny grew his trucking business from 13-16 trucks to now almost 50!
"...Within the first month we were able to lock in 20 drivers..."
Kiki from MGR Freight System Inc.​
Problem: As a company with over 2000 trucks in their fleet, MGR was having trouble getting more truck drivers.
Solution: We helped MGR implement a more effective method for getting qualified truck drivers.
Result: Within the first month, MGR got 20 drivers to drive for their trucking business.
"…We got more than 700 leads in the first 3 months…"
Bojan from Domino Express Corp.
Problem: Bojan had 6-7 empty trucks in his yard, just waiting for drivers.
Solution: We implemented our social media marketing strategies and put in place a system that now gets Bojan truck drivers demand.
​Result: Bojan more than doubled his fleet from around 20 trucks to 50!
"...After just 3-4 weeks we covered all of the trucks in our fleet that have been empty for over a year..."​
Igor from Cargo Network Solutions Inc.
Problem: Igor had a hard time finding company drivers and owner operators to drive for their company.
Solution: We started running profitable social media marketing campaigns to get more truck drivers.
Result: In just one month of working with us, Igor and his company covered all of their empty trucks that have been sitting for over a year.
"...They've cut our ad costs about 60-65% on our leads and increased our sales by 30-35%..."​
Brian from Impel Union Inc.
Problem: Brian tried a lot of different things to get more truck drivers but nothing was as effective as our method.
Solution: We helped Impel Union get more truck drivers by solidifying their brand and implementing social media marketing strategies to get more truck drivers.
Result: We've cut Impel Union's truck driver lead cost by 60-65% and increased their sales by 30-35%
"...We decided to cancel all of the previous things that we were paying for like Craigslist, CDL exchange and others..."​
Stefan from Two Brothers Freight Inc.
Problem: Stefan was relying on Craiglist, Indeed, Tenstreet, CDL Exchange and other job boards to find qualified truck drivers.
Solution: We cut down all the unnecessary things Two Brothers Freight was doing and focused on what works best.
​Result: After realizing how much more effective our strategies were compared to job board sites, Stefan decided to cancel all of the unnecessary subscriptions.
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