Trucking Companies with the Worst CSA Score

In the US economy, commercial transportation plays a significant role. These trucks frequently transport food and supplies needed to keep businesses functioning properly. Over 70% of the freight in the United States is transported from one coast to the other by 3.5 million truck drivers who are on the road each year, using over 39 billion gallons of fuel.

Due to the strong demand for their services, truckers are pushed to deliver items as rapidly as possible. To fulfill deadlines and increase their income, some truckers may be pushed to drive recklessly by breaking safety laws or by speeding. This happens when trucking firms put their profits and deliveries ahead of the general public well-being.

Here are some crucial details about trucking businesses linked to the majority of truck accidents, and what you may do if you happen to be injured in one.

Which circumstances define when a trucking company is dangerous?

Carriers are required to report specific types of incidents by the (Department of Transportation). Accidents must be recorded under FMCSR (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations) Section 390.15.

If a person has died as a result of the collision, or if at least one vehicle involved had to be hauled away from the scene after being wrecked.

The most accident-prone trucking companies

Some of the trucking businesses with the highest accidents rate during a two-year period, according to reports to the DOT, are:

  • With 1,500 crashes, Swift Transportation
  • With 1,448 collisions, S. Xpress
  • Werner Enterprises is responsible for 960 truck accidents.
  • 1,762 crashes at FedEx. Five people were killed and 575 people were injured in these collisions.
  • 2,003 crashes for UPS. 49 people lost their lives in these accidents, while 689 people were injured.

We must remember that trucking businesses with more vehicles, and driving more distances have a larger likelihood of having accidents. Depending on their fleet size and mileage, smaller trucking businesses may have a greater accident risk.

Actions to take in the event of a trucking accident

You should act quickly to protect yourself and your prospects of receiving a just injury settlement if you were in a collision with a commercial truck.

An ambulance should transport you from the accident scene to a local hospital if you have serious injuries. You should schedule a medical examination if your wounds are mild. To ensure that your doctor’s appointment shows up in your medical records as soon as possible, make sure to complete this right away.

The likelihood that the insurance company for the defendant may be capable of preventing you from receiving a fair settlement increases the longer you delay to get medical attention for your injuries.

Additionally, it’s critical to make a report right away. Never confess fault at the scene of the collision or in conversations with the insurance company. Instead, get the trucker’s contact information. Don’t forget to submit a police report and obtain a copy for your files. Take photos of the scene of the accident, including all of the involved automobiles, if you are able to.

Inform your insurance provider about the collision, but refrain from giving them or the defendant’s insurer a written or recorded statement.

Beyond the driver, other parties are also involved in a truck accident lawsuit. Because of this, it’s critical for victims to have competent legal counsel on their side if they’ve suffered harm as a result of a truck accident. As soon as you can, speak with a lawyer to defend you as you speak with the trucking firm and the appropriate insurance providers. You’re more likely to receive the compensation you’re entitled to quickly if you have an attorney by your side.

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