Trucking company advertising

Marketing to truck drivers takes a different approach than other industries. You need to use marketing tactics that are specific to this niche. While it might seem time-consuming, utilizing standard marketing methods likely won’t attract your intended customer base. To continue growing your business, it’s important that you discover and utilize the best techniques for reaching truckers.

By sponsoring posts on social media, you can reach a wide audience at once by targeting your customers based on demographic information such as age and gender. Market to people who might be in hiring mode for new employees or transportation services like yours. But if you don`t do it right way, it only can cost you more money down the road.

Want more qualified truck drivers?

Establish a social media presence to connect with potential clients, build your company’s reputation, cultivate positive reviews and increase your visibility. By keeping a social media platform for your trucking company, you can give yourself access to a broad pool of users. Use social media to help drive brand awareness and name recognition and showcase your expertise in the field.

Marketing Trucking Services

 Facebook advertising makes it easy to reach truck drivers who are actively using Facebook. When you use our services, we will promote your company’s page to 20-40K potential and qualified truck driver applicants through an advertising strategy tailored just for trucking companies.

By targeting quality truck drivers within your area, you’ll be able to have a successful recruitment season with minimal advertising spend.


Get a steady stream of qualified drivers

 Drivers are not always going to apply to your driver job postings the first time they see them. You want to make sure that drivers can’t get over your recruitment ad again and again so they remember you when they are ready to take action. Elysium uses various tools like pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization to keep your job openings in front of drivers’ eyes.

Your company’s content is king when it comes to social media. You need to be posting content that engages drivers multiple times a week. Posting relevant, interesting and exciting content will build your brand and generate awareness around your company.


Total Leads


Total Spent

$ 2,354

Cost Per Lead

$ 3.56

Total Leads


Total Spent

$ 3,740

Cost Per Lead

$ 3.11

Total Leads


Total Spent

$ 4,208

Cost Per Lead

$ 3.56

We Are Client-Focused

We take great efforts to learn about every client and understand their goals and values. Our success comes from client-centric approach to building highly successful strategies. With our trucking digital marketing experts on your side, you will have more trucks on the road.

We Deliver Results

We provide measurable, positive results for every campaign. Our clients set specific goals that we strive to meet or exceed within a time frame. Every success and setback are noted and we let our clients know the exact progress of their projects.

We Practice Transparency

We are honest and transparent with our clients, especially regarding the progress and status of their campaigns. Clients get real-time stats, analytics and other metrics related to their projects.

We Use Data Wisely

Our marketing teams all use data and research for creating campaigns that match our client’s needs and industry. We use data to solve problems, test ideas and develop innovative solutions to help our clients needs.

We Are Always On Time

We value each client’s time. We take deadlines seriously and work hard to deliver on time. At Elysium we believe that being timely is a big part of excellent customer service.

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