Top 5 Family-Owned Trucking Companies

Looking for a trucking company to join takes careful planning. The most important factors drivers are considering are the fees and benefits. But, that’s not the whole picture.

Many drivers want a specific environment. They are looking for a company that has a personal approach to the drivers. That’s where drivers can express their needs and negotiate working conditions with the management.

Usually, companies like these are run by families. Family-owned companies are more cohesive. Drivers can talk with every member of the staff openly. Naturally, families stick together. That’s why there are no personal agendas or divided opinions.

For some drivers, these factors are as important as numbers and terms. The companies on this list are family-owned. But they will also provide good fees and decent working conditions.

The list is in no particular order. Any of these family-owned companies provide drivers with a good experience.

Pride Transport

This Salt Lake City, Utah-based company has a small fleet of reefers. But, their driver policies and benefits are outstanding.

They use top-notch machinery and offer amazing working conditions. That’s why their reputation for treating drivers “like family” is widespread among the driver community.

Health, Dental, Life, and Vision Insurance will be provided by the company. Also, they include their drivers in their Employee Assistance Program. The program is designed to provide well-being services for employees, spouses, and dependents under 27 years of age. It also includes counseling, legal support, and financial assistance.

This family-run business implements its family values into its company policy.

Marshall Trans Inc.

Marshall Trans Inc. is a family-owned freight company located in Burr Ridge, IL. Before starting the business, the founder and his family had been involved in the transportation industry for ten years.

The management treats their drivers well. They offer up to 75 cents per mile on 2800 miles weekly. The fees are further improved with sign-on, safety, and referral bonuses. Also, the fuel and tire discounts for owner-operators help reduce their weekly expenses.

Apart from their decent package for drivers, the company treats their drivers fairly. Drivers testify that the management takes care of them and listens to their needs. According to testimonies, in cases of breakdowns and on-road issues, the company is assertive and doesn’t blame the driver.

Good communication is one of the main reasons why drivers strive to join family-owned businesses.

Wilson Logistics

The company motto for Wilson Logistics says: “It runs in the family.”. The management is proud of the family culture inside the company, and they like to show it.

They offer great driver options for local and regional routes. There’s a paid CDL program for new drivers, lease-to-buy options, and company driver positions.

They offer competitive pay and various driver incentives. Also, the company allows drivers to bring pets along with no restrictions on size, breed, and weight.

Wilson Logistics is a prime example of a good company policy.

Semi Transport Inc.

Semi Transport Inc. is a family-owned company based just outside of Chicago. They pride themselves on their goodwill to meet their drivers’ needs. Finding common ground with every employee means that everyone walks away satisfied.

The company delivers in all 48 states and consists of dry vans, reefers, and flat beds in mint condition. Semi is currently looking for owner-operators, and their offer is definitely worth mentioning.

Owner-operators running with Semi can expect weekly fees of up to $11.000 with steady miles, and good bonuses. The company offers sign-on and referral bonuses. They also accept solo and team owner-operators.

Bison Transport USA

Located in Amherst, Wisconsin, Bison Transport (formerly known as H.O. Wolding Inc.) is a family-owned dry freight company. The company has an extremely low percentage of driver turnover.

This is important because it says a lot about the company’s policy towards drivers. Bison is a carrier with good management that values its employees.

Drivers can make more than $0.57 per practical mile. You are on the right course to a stable and secure future when you factor in all the extra benefits and bonuses.


Family-owned companies show more flexibility and willingness to take care of their employees. These companies strive to establish personal relationships with their drivers.

There’s a reason why these companies choose to do so. There’s a long-term gain in ensuring that drivers are staying with you for long periods of time. The companies that decrease their turnover rates have more chances to create stable revenue throughout the year(s).

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