Marketing Trucking services

Whether you’re just starting out in the trucking business, or have been in business for years, it’s important to define your marketing objectives. For trucking companies, promoting means you have to cover two different target markets. Companies that need freight and delivery services, as well as those who help, make it happen – the drivers.

Increasing Customer Base

When you first start your own trucking company, attracting customers who have not used your service in the past is a common objective. As your business grows and becomes more established, your objectives can be tailored to meet the objectives of your company. For instance, if you provide transportation services for companies with manufacturing plants, you may want to establish relationships with other companies that have distribution centers and offer services to them.

Attracting Drivers

Finding experienced, reliable drivers is often a concern for trucking companies since job turnover is high. If you need new drivers, then the best way to solve this problem is by boosting their happiness. Use an objective that says, “Find 12 new drivers who submit applications, provide copies of their CDL license and sign contracts with us”.

Your aim should also state whether you want sub-contracted drivers or plan to hire them as your employees. Another goal is to focus on keeping your drivers happy so you decrease the high turnover rate.

Increase Marketing Efforts

Having a strong marketing strategy is essential to successfully market your transport business. Having modern, accurate marketing materials and a strong website will help you promote your services and bring in new clients. Market your transport business using brochures and websites to ensure that they are visually appealing, use color appropriately and talk about your company’s vision, mission and values in the “about us” section. In addition to having good marketing materials, letting people know you have more capacity than they currently think you have is an important part of effective marketing efforts. Use existing clients as references for other companies that need trucking services or advertise on social media or industry websites in order to attract new companies who need trucking services but don’t know where to look for them.


Recruit Truck Drivers Through Print Advertising

Stop wasting money on ineffective advertising! Let us help you target 55,000+ people each day your advert is on the road. It’s great value out of home advertising which has a CPM that’s below 75p (CPM = cost per thousand). Free report delivery to your inbox after each campaign with quality tracking and clean data for your analysis.

After all, most people spend 1- 2 hours on average in their automobiles traveling to and from work each day.

With the high impact of advertising in general, over the road imaging attracts more visual recognition than anything else if the presentation is colorful and eye catching. While traveling billboards can reach out to larger groups of audiences; they do so at a very high cost. Therefore, we predict that everyone will remember which billboard during their travels catches their attention but unlike a stationary message where traffic has to pass by it, traveling billboards can reach out to larger groups of audiences within minutes as opposed to hours for stationary billboards.

When it comes to covering a truck or trailer we have much more than nylon covers available. Most of our truck covers come with their own built-in rain protectors for protecting your goods and equipment from the elements. They also protect against UV rays and other elements that can cause damage to cargo. And, of course, there are many different colors available to coordinate with your business or organization’s brand.

Advertising formats

We offer two formats for our fleet wraps, which can be either side or rear. The main difference between these formats is the amount of space you have for branding and creative options. Our full wrap includes both sides of the truck and the back, giving you up to 3,200 square inches of vinyl. The rear-only option is only on the rear of the truck, giving you less surface area but still allowing your company to gain visibility during deliveries or when parked at a location.

Improve Online Presence

Being a trucking company is great, but it can be challenging to find qualified drivers and transport commercial goods. Get your website up and running by providing information about your company, the types of trucks, and the steady routes. It also gives you an opportunity to attract qualified drivers by creating a space where they can apply for open jobs. Remember to include online directories as well; manufacturers and other freight brokerage firms check them when looking for a reliable transportation company that fits their needs!

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