7 Steps to Create a Marketing Plan for Your Trucking Company (EXPLAINED)

Your ability to present your trucking business will determine how many new customers you attract. It also affects how many new company drivers and owner-operators you find and employ. The first step to building a strong trucking brand is to create a marketing plan for your company.

New trends in trucking are emerging. The best move you can do for your marketing is to move away from traditional advertising. Instead, your marketing should strive towards digital platforms. That’s search engines, social media, and smart apps.

These new technologies are beating the old methods of advertising easily. They are faster and more efficient. To have a valid representation on the internet, you’ll need to cover several steps.

High ability to advertise is how trucking companies get customers.

1. Publish Your Trucking Company’s Website

This is the first step to establishing your digital presence. The Internet has become the main source of information and verification. The first thing that customers do when they feel demand for transportation is research online. But what are your customers researching specifically?

They want to find out more about the company that provides transportation. They need proof of your legitimacy, quality, and capability. Visitors often check web pages before making their decision. They compare different freight companies and assess their quality. 

Therefore, your trucking company website needs to beat two challenges. The first is attracting new customers. The second is beating the competition with your online presentation.

A well-designed website will create an appeal for your services and turn visitors into customers. It exists so that it can explain who you are and what you can provide. So, every company needs to have a digital print in order to even exist on the market. 

Having a website with clear information tells visitors that your company is legitimate. Making sure that your website has a sleek and modern design conveys professionalism. Providing options for quick contact and simple answers will increase your quality in the eyes of your customers.

2. Perform Quality SEO for Your Trucking Website

More than 25% of consumers will click on the first result on Google. That means that if your truck company website lies at the bottom of the pool, you won’t even get a chance to get customers. But how do you avoid that? How can your website stand on top of the search results? 

The answer lies in your content. You need to optimize your website content so that the search engine recognizes and promotes your website. The content has to have the necessary keywords and phrases that the search engine recognizes as the most searched. 

That’s why SEO is so important. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of identifying the most searched keywords and implementing them into your website. Correct keywords and quality content will propel your website to the top.

Blogging and SEO for trucking companies is one of the most important steps in promoting your business. That will make your site more visible and provide you with more leads for customers and drivers. 

3. Implement Email Marketing

Customized email marketing isn’t a bad idea at all. There isn’t a company in need of freight services that doesn’t have an email address. You can address them directly and present your company. 

Creating an email ad that attracts customers is a special feat. However, if done properly, it can bring great results. You will both present your services and make customers remember you. 

Emails can be pre-scheduled or customized for individual clients. They can provide a great customer experience that will motivate them to think of you in the future.

You may directly produce more leads and increase brand awareness with minimal costs by using email marketing outreach.

4. Smart Apps

Create an app for your services. Smartphones and tablet computers have become indispensable tools. Drivers and owner-operators now book loads, check the weather, traffic, and gas costs with cell phones. All that while on the road using mobile apps.

It’s smart to take the increasing usage of smart apps into account. Making a trucker-specific app can boost your interactions with your drivers and clients. It will help you meet their demands, and help them remember you.

Trucking apps can feature GPS navigation, inexpensive fuel tracking, or load management tools. These extra tools will increase the app’s efficiency and utility. If truckers can use it for a better experience, they will remember the company that created it.

5. Use Google Ads

Focus on retargeting and Google Ads. Every customer searches for on Google before choosing a company to provide services. Every driver constantly searches for new companies that could offer better working conditions. 

By investing in Google Ads, you can expand your business and attract more customers and drivers. Connect with them through Google Ads smart targeting. Google will detect companies that need transportation. It can also single out people that are truck drivers looking for employment. It will present your ad to them automatically via the search engine.

That way, you are getting leads from people who already need you. You don’t need to target, pick, and choose. Your target group already demands transportation or seeks employment. That’s the key to efficient marketing.

6. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

By creating a social media page, you can interact with potential customers. On the other hand, you can also present yourself to potential employees. You’ll also enhance your brand’s visibility, and nurture positive feedback.

Maintaining your social media presence will help you get access to targeted demographics of customers. But also, you can communicate with drivers that you want to employ. Social media is actually one of the biggest sources for tracking down qualified drivers. 

But in order to attract them, you need to have a good presentation of your company. Use social media to express your company’s principles. Promote brand awareness and show your expertise through social media content.

By enriching your social media with entertaining content, you will promote trucking lifestyle and attract drivers to follow your page. That will make drivers remember you which is the first step towards hiring them.

7. Utilize Facebook Ads

Truckers prefer Facebook as their social media of choice. That’s why Facebook Ads are especially effective when searching for new drivers. 

This system of generating qualified leads has proven to be more effective than traditional methods of job advertisement. It works by targeting drivers on Facebook and presenting your ad to them. 

Successful agencies are using Facebook Ads to increase the number of qualified leads for trucking companies. They create customized ads to attract drivers with your offer.

So far, this method has created a big change in the hiring process for trucking companies.

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