How to attract quality truck drivers in Chicago

How to attract quality truck drivers in Chicago?

The state of Illinois is at third place regarding to the number of truckers. It has a big pool of potential employees with about 37.5 thousand drivers. That’s a large working force. So why are companies struggling to find quality truck drivers in Chicago? Why is finding truckers hard?

That’s because there are two parts of that task. The first part is to find enough drivers to fill their empty trucks. And methods of hunting for truckers make all the difference. Getting fresh leads is difficult. Because even though the market is huge, the competition is enormous as well.

The second part of this struggle is making sure that the truckers they do find are actually qualified. Finding reliable drivers with experience is far from easy. Company owners experience stressful situations with bad drivers daily. The big challenge is to avoid truckers who fail inspections and make violations.

How to Fill Your Empty Trucks?

The longer version of that question is – How to advertise my company to truck drivers so that they will want to join me? You want to understand how to advertise your company? First, let’s talk about marketing in general.

Marketing revolves around being creative, bold, and catching someone’s attention. But don’t let that fool you. Marketing is very precise. It relies on testing different ads, and closely following the results of those tests.

Good ad experts use only the methods that give RESULTS. Why? Because that will help them spend less money on advertising and charge more for every ad. Simple, right? And which methods have given us the BEST RESULTS in advertising trucking companies?

Currently, the best results come from digital marketing. That means designing Facebook ads and good Search Engine Optimization that promotes your company on the web. Plus, your Social Media profile will help your company present itself as a brand. That’s where leads come from.

Your targets are scrolling through the internet and social media right now.  The influx of leads stems from these digital sources. Your potential drivers are most likely to spot you on their smart devices and computers.

If you rely on these sources to reach new drivers, you are guaranteed to find new truckers and fill your empty trucks. But can anyone guarantee that those truckers will be reliable and skilled?

How to Make Sure That Your Drivers are Reliable?

Many companies rely on recruiting agencies to provide them with quality drivers. The problem with this practice is that it lacks results. What happens in reality is that the recruitment agency is trying to connect one driver with one company and grab commission. End of story. They don’t care if the company will be satisfied with their match and they don’t care if the driver will be ok in their new working environment. 

How to avoid errors on both sides? The answer comes back to being result-oriented and always monitoring the situation. The only way to make sure that the match between the driver and the company is right is to monitor the driver for a longer period of time. The good result can be confirmed only after the driver is confirmed to be settled and the company is satisfied. 

Let’s summarise…

Filling your trucks depends on your ability to GENERATE LEADS. Your connection with the pool of potential drivers is created through digital platforms. Social Media helps you establish your brand. Facebook and Instagram ads help your company find its way into the phones of truckers.

Informed truckers will answer the call and come to work for your established brand. But the circle doesn’t end there. You need the marketing agency to take responsibility for the driver that they have brought to you. You want them to monitor the match and make sure the full process in order to make sure that your TRUCKS are FILLED with QUALIFIED DRIVERS.

Do you know an agency like that?

Now you do. We’ve created this TESTED and PROVEN system that helps companies achieve their full potential. Contact us and become something new on the trucking market.

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