Recruit Local Truck Drivers

How to Recruit Local Truck Drivers?

Recruitment of local drivers is one of the main issues for company owners. And it can be quite a challenge for one simple reason. Trucking has some of the highest turnover rates out there with 127%. A turnover rate represents the percentage of employees that leave the company.

In this case, it means that for a hundred drivers who join a company, 127 of them leave within the same period. So every company out there is facing two challenges. The first challenge is getting enough drivers to keep their operations running. The second challenge is keeping quality drivers within the company.

Therefore, if you are a company owner, you are probably in constant pursuit of new drivers. And recruitment from the local net of truckers is one of your main tasks. But, which methods should you use when recruiting new drivers? Do old ways of advertising on platforms like Craigslist even work anymore?

Why Are Old Methods of Recruiting Drivers Dead?

The digital world constantly changes and evolves. And these changes dictate how every market will operate. They determine how companies reach clients, how employers communicate with potential employees, how goods and services are required and sold. 

Currently, almost every single process connected to sales, providing services, or recruitment goes through Social Media. All of the old methods of recruitment via local newspapers and radio advertisements, TV, or job platforms are simply gone. Social Media has become the common ground of human interaction. 

People don’t just express themselves on Social Media, they interact, buy, sell, and literally exist entirely in the digital world. And that’s where you will find your drivers. But how do you find, contact and make them want to join your company?

There are several modern methods of presenting your company to the local drivers and making an appeal to them.

Generating Leads

Social Media is dominated by perception. That means that it takes more than a good offer to attract drivers. It’s about how you present that offer. You need to draw the attention of drivers and spark their imagination with attractive visuals, and captivating texts. That way, they will stop to read your advertisement and want to join you. 

Drivers spend a lot of time on Facebook and our vast experience proves that  high-quality ads generate infinitely more leads than old methods of recruitment. Elysium clients get up to 200 leads every month for recruitment of drivers. That’s 200 potential drivers for your company. 

That cannot be done by leaving an ad on some platform. Those results are only possible with systematic advertising. Our expert team is proficient in creating ads that work on the human eye and grab the attention of every driver.


Making a Brand Out of Your Company

Your company needs to become a brand in order to make drivers want to join and stay with you. You achieve that by creating an attractive social media profile for your company. Instead of just being a name on a local ad, your company will have a face, a unique style, and an appealing profile that offers something different to the drivers.

Make sure that your social profile is a place for information and entertainment. Make sure that it supports and promotes the truckers’ lifestyle. Make sure that it’s a place that truckers want to visit and stay on.

If drivers want to spend time on your Social Media profile, they will want to join and stay with your company. And that turnover rate… It will be a thing of the past.

How Do You Get All Of It?

We at Elysium Enterprise have tested and perfected every single method that we’ve just described. We stand behind every word with results – appealing profiles, generated leads, and FULL TRUCKS ON THE U.S. ROADS.

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