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Client Results

"...We started with 13 - 16 trucks and we are now at almost 50!..."​
Danny from Mad Duck Inc.​
Problem: Danny couldn't fill his empty trucks because he didn't know how to get qualified truck drivers.
Solution: With our social media marketing strategies, we helped Mad Duck Inc. get more truck drivers than they can physically hire.
Result: Danny grew his trucking business from 13-16 trucks to now almost 50!
"...Within the first month we were able to lock in 20 drivers..."
Kiki from MGR Freight System Inc.​
Problem: As a company with over 2000 trucks in their fleet, MGR was having trouble getting more truck drivers.
Solution: We helped MGR implement a more effective method for getting qualified truck drivers.
Result: Within the first month, MGR got 20 drivers to drive for their trucking business.
"…We got more than 700 leads in the first 3 months…"
Danny from Mad Duck Inc.​
Problem: Bojan had 6-7 empty trucks in his yard, just waiting for drivers.
Solution: We implemented our social media marketing strategies and put in place a system that now gets Bojan truck drivers demand.
​Result: Bojan more than doubled his fleet from around 20 trucks to 50!
"...After just 3-4 weeks we covered all of the trucks in our fleet that have been empty for over a year..."​
Igor from Cargo Network Solutions Inc.
Problem: Igor had a hard time finding company drivers and owner operators to drive for their company.
Solution: We started running profitable social media marketing campaigns to get more truck drivers.
Result: In just one month of working with us, Igor and his company covered all of their empty trucks that have been sitting for over a year.
"...They've cut our ad costs about 60-65% on our leads and increased our sales by 30-35%..."​
Brian from Impel Union Inc.
Problem: Brian tried a lot of different things to get more truck drivers but nothing was as effective as our method.
Solution: We helped Impel Union get more truck drivers by solidifying their brand and implementing social media marketing strategies to get more truck drivers.
Result: We've cut Impel Union's truck driver lead cost by 60-65% and increased their sales by 30-35%
"...We decided to cancel all of the previous things that we were paying for like Craigslist, CDL exchange and others..."​
Stefan from Two Brothers Freight Inc.
Problem: Stefan was relying on Craiglist, Indeed, Tenstreet, CDL Exchange and other job boards to find qualified truck drivers.
Solution: We cut down all the unnecessary things Two Brothers Freight was doing and focused on what works best.
​Result: After realizing how much more effective our strategies were compared to job board sites, Stefan decided to cancel all of the unnecessary subscriptions.

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