Blogging & SEO for Local Trucking Companies

The first thing that most trucking company owners think when blogging is mentioned is “How are blogging and trucking even related?” When someone says blogging, people usually think of  cooking and traveling  articles on the internet. But, blogging is a lot more than that.

And it can change your business completely.

Nowadays, every business exists on the internet. You don’t have a way to reach your clients and customers without your digital presence. A company doesn’t have a face and a name if you can’t be found on a search engine. That’s where blogging makes all the difference.

But how does trucking fit this story? It is a specific industry that revolves around real cargo being transported by real people inside real machines. So, why would it need the internet? And how could a trucking company benefit from blogging?

If you want to find out how blogging and SEO help your company, there are several questions to answer.

#1 How does SEO help your marketing plan for a logistics company?

When you type something on the search engine, there are search results that come out on top. Then, there are search results that are below the most popular ones. And below them, there are results that end up on pages 2, 3, and so on.

But what makes the difference? Why do some people, products, or companies get priority over others on the internet?

That’s simple.

The search engine promotes its content because it checks certain criteria. When your web page has the keywords that are most searched, there’s a higher chance that the search engine will put you above the competition. But how to cover all of that content?

Also simple.

With long texts and articles on the internet – otherwise known as blogs.

Blogs are usually 800+ words long which gives them space to use as many keywords as you need. These articles will help your web page get to the top of the search results.

But there are more than just keywords if you want your web page to be noticed. The search engine AI is becoming smarter every day and it’s constantly adapting and evolving. It keeps track of the audience’s reading time. Blogs and articles that people spend more time on getting more space on the results page.

This and many other tricks and details will determine if your website will be noticed on the internet. The entire procedure of adapting your page’s content to become more visible on the search engines is called Search Engine Optimization or shortly – SEO.

SEO is one of the most wanted skills on the digital market right now. That’s because SEO boosts web traffic. That increases the revenue of companies, sometimes by millions of dollars. But does that apply to trucking?


#2 Do blogging & SEO increase sales in your logistics business?

Trucking is a practical business. But that doesn’t mean that truckers don’t use the internet. Quite the contrary. Truckers use different media to search for jobs or inform themselves on important topics.  That media includes trucking job boards and forums to social media platforms. Truckers’ lifestyle and entertaining content can be very popular on social media.

Both your customers and potential drivers will check your website and social media to assess you. These digital presentations have become acknowledged as proof of your legitimacy and quality.

If you don’t have a website or if it doesn’t appear on the search result, your potential customers and drivers could think that you are not trustworthy. Blogging and SEO will increase the traffic on your trucking website pages.

Your digital presence directly affects the number of leads for new customers. It’s also important for drivers to find you. Every driver that checks your company website is a potential lead and a new employee. Your income is strongly connected with the quality of your digital marketing.

SEO and blogging are a big part of that because they make sure that your website is visible. Quality blogging also creates a recognizable brand out of your trucking business. Helpful articles, texts, and blogs will attract people from the same profession. Your company’s reputation will get a significant boost when helpful articles are connected to your name and logo.


#3 How to upgrade your content ideas for a logistics company?

There’s a difference between being just a trucking company and becoming a brand. A trucking company is anyone with permission to move cargo with semi-trucks. But, according to stats, the number of for-hire carriers on file with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration totaled 996,894. That means that you have to stand out from nearly a million transport companies in the U.S.

That’s why becoming a brand is so important. As a brand, your company can have a recognizable face and stand out. It’s crucial that you stand out among such massive competition as the trucking industry.

Your content will shape your brand. The best place to present both your written and visual content is social media.

People in trucking are starting to browse the web increasingly every year. Their presence on social media is growing. That especially applies to Facebook.

Drivers are starting to follow various companies’ Facebook pages. Your job is to keep them following your pages and remember you. You can accomplish that with content that engages them.

Firstly, it needs to be useful in some way. It should either inform or entertain the audience in order to be meaningful. Secondly, your content needs to be engaging and appealing to the audience.

It can be a bad idea to keep your content tied exclusively to your trucks, offers, and routes. Drivers and customers can start feeling like you’re using your social media profile only to sell something. That can create a counter-effect.

Instead, try to promote truckers’ lifestyles through fun and useful content. Drivers will feel like you’re giving them something worth their time. Customers will recognize that you understand not only the business side of things but also, that you understand the business deeply.

Chicago owners need SEO for their trucking companies

Company owners in Chicago are still catching up to innovations in digital marketing. Many companies still lack functional web pages and optimized content. Their social media pages aren’t updated or designed.

If you are in need of a partner that will transform your trucking business into a brand, you could always contact an experienced marketing agency for truckers. Your company could get a new face and increased digital presence.

The ultimate goal is to get a steady number of leads for qualified drivers and new customers. 

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