About us

We are a marketing agency based in Chicago, Illinois, and we are dedicated to scaling your trucking business. Our system of creating trucking brands and getting qualified drivers for companies was based on real experience in the trucking industry. Elysium Enterprise was created by a former trucker and trucking company owner who wanted to get new drivers and scale his business. But he couldn’t do it. 

Using our trucking experience and digital technologies, we’ve solved this problem for companies all around the United States. We’ve developed a system that works to fill your trucks with qualified drivers, using social media, search engines, and modern digital marketing tools.

So far, we’ve worked with more than a hundred clients, transforming their business into a brand on social media and getting them experienced drivers faster than ever. That’s why our motto is “Only Speed Defeats Gravity.” Because our complete dedication is to getting you a record amount of leads for new truckers faster than ever before. 

However, we’ve perfected our system even further. Instead of only working to get leads for qualified drivers, we’ve developed recruitment services that aim to not only get a driver inside your truck, but also monitor them for 90 days after employment. All of the drivers that are recruited with our services are monitored and evaluated for mutual satisfaction. 

That way, Elysium Enterprise completely transforms your trucking business from top to bottom. Your social media profiles, web pages, and digital media are completely revamped within 7 days. Using tested and verified ads, we are getting you 150+ leads for new drivers every month. Every single lead is filtered and qualified. That way we’re increasing the chances that every lead is a potential match with a new driver. Finally, after your rebranded trucking business gets new drivers, we are following up on every employee for 90 days.

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